Monday, July 10, 2017

A Most Generous President

So I was going to post about how stand-up comedian Nikki Haley on Sunday's "State of the Union" positioned Donald Trump as a tough-guy, claiming he told best bud Vladimir Putin ‘We know you did this. We didn’t like it. Don’t do it again.’” It would have been about how Donald Trump, Haley imagined, "looked him in the eye" and told him "to cut it out."

And it would have been about how President Trump himself now notably won't contest the Russian claim that Trump accepted Putin's denial of meddling given during their meeting in Hamburg. Further, on Sunday morning Tough Guy tweeted a reminder that he and the the other President had agred to form a joint cybersecurity unit, presumably because the henhouse could be so efficiently guarded by the wolf.  Even usual Trump defender Marco Rubio understood "partnering with Putin on 'Cyber Security Unit' is akin to partnering with Assad on a 'Chemical Weapons Unit.'"

Let's not give Trump any ideas. However, just as I was going to argue that an inept administration might not be able to pull it off, the President tweeted "just because Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn't mean I think it can happen."

Nonetheless, before I could credit Donald J. Trump with unexpected realism and common sense, one of his sons would admit that not only had he taken a meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer in June, 2016 because he had been promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton, but that he had brought along Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.  We're told Trump Jr. did not know beforehand the name of the lawyer, nor did millionaires Kushner and Manafort know even the purpose of the meeting, perhaps anticipating a modern-day Deep Throat.

The lawyer was Natalia Veselnitskaya, who with V. Putin has had a keen interest in the Magnitsky Act, named after the auditor who had uncovered the connection between the same V. Putin and the kleptocrats whom the President has allowed to plunder Russia. After being arrested, he was- it appears-  tortured and beaten to death.  Still, Trump the Younger and his brother-in-law enjoy Secret Service Protection, so only Mr. Manafort need be certain his life insurance policy is paid up.

But even that does not fully engage my interest today.  I'd like to claim that I realized what the President was up to when he tweeted (emphasis his, of course) "if Chelsea Clinton were asked to hold the seat for her mother as her mother gave our country away, the Fake News would say CHELSEA FOR PRES!" Instead, I noticed that Trump again was attacking the press and manipulating the term "Fake News" in his ongoing propaganda blitz.

Clearly, also, if President H. Clinton had done any such thing, she would have been hounded mercilessly by Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge, Sean Hannity, Russian bots, GOP politicians, and others, with brutal, manufactured depictions of Chelsea the norm.

However, the head-smacking, oh my goodness moment came only with a tweet from Newmax CEO Christopher Bouzy, who noticed what I hadn't. "Donald Trump," he realized, "just admitted he asked Ivanka to hold his seat while he was giving american away. This is a stunning Freudian slip."

It's right there: "to hold the seat for her mother as her mother gave our country away."

I had intended to point out on Sunday that when Trump a day earlier had tweeted "Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cybersecurity unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded," he may have meant "guarded" as in (emphasis mine) "protected, watched, or restrained, as by a guard,"

That would have suggested that Trump intended- as does Putin- that Russian interference be protected. Yet, I was taken aback when it was specifically noted that President Trump now has admitted that he is trying to "give (gave) our country away.  He is drawing a parallel between use of his daughter with what Hillary as President might have done as she "gave our country away."

This is a either a Freudian error or a remark by an individual with- no exaggeration- the intelligence of an eight-year-old. Donald Trump's avid supporters have long claimed that Trump should be taken seriously, not literally. This is serious, and "serious" should not in lower case.

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