Saturday, April 11, 2020

Just Say It

Anyone can be ignorant. That's a relatively small part of the problem, notwithstanding
But although ignorant, Donald Trump currently is lying, cheating, and stealing toward what is now roughly a 50-50 chance of being re-elected President of the United States of America, and is not a clueless moron. No, Jennifer Rubin is closer to the truth:
Donald Trump is far more malicious than stupid. A Republican US Senator from Arizona and that state's GOP governor inadvertently have confirmed that political patronage trumps human lives in Trump's calculations.

In a just world, the worst person in the world and the President of the United States of America would be two different people. Therefore, it is very difficult to admit, even to oneself, that the American people have elected someone who is the genuine face of evil. (He failed to win a plurality of the vote, but still.)  Also, we are Americans, and we would not do such a thing. But we have.

That's where we are. As Albert Camus once wrote, crushing truths perish from being acknowledged.  Once we do that, it will be easier to crush the darkness among us.

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