Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gore Speculation

There is an interesting post (by M.J. Rosenberg) on TPM Cafe speculating about a possible run for the Presidency by Al Gore. So- should it happen? Will it happen?

I think Gore probably will decide against it, though I don't think that he has made up his mind yet. I believe, ironically, that if Gore had made the leap in 2004 he would have been nominated and elected but would find it tougher this time around to be a) nominated and b) if nominated, elected. In 2008, the former Vice-President would be vying against two superstars (and, in the Democratic primary process, it doesn't hurt that one candidate is female and the other black) and a third candidate (Edwards) who has run previously- which is a big advantage- and has a fairly coherent message with enough financing to get it out (and, it appears, a small lead in Iowa). Then, of course, there are the second and third tier candidates, credible, though with little chance to be nominated. (Message to Joe Biden: You're still in the running to be the next Secretary of State.)

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