Friday, June 01, 2007

Giuliani- Betting On The Rich

Although it was posted a little over three weeks ago, this report by Greg Sargent about the Rudy campaign snubbing a farmer is well worth reading- for several reasons:

1- The Giuliani campaign is urging elimination of the "death tax"- which is actually a tax on the few households with huge assets. Its emphasis on this suggests that Rudy is hedging his bet on modifying the candidate's view of abortion and/or gay rights- that flip-flopping on these cultural issues may not sell. Or perhaps he wants to reassure Republicans that he is, after all, a true Republican- committed to exacerbating the gap between the rich and the rest of us.

2- If by some chance Giuliani is nominated and the Democrats can't paint Giuliani as stoking the fires of class warfare, the Party may never find a way to regain the support of the middle-class and the working-class it has lost over the last forty years.

3- Liberal media? We haven't heard much about the Von Sprecken family, but we know how much John Edwards has paid for a haircut.

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Anonymous said...

Rudy's only real accomplishment was being mayor during 9/11...and his low approval ratings on 9/10/01 can attest to his status as a one-trick pony.

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