Friday, August 17, 2007

Rudolph Giuliani is at it again. As reported by Greg Sargent's blog, on August 9, 2007 Rudy told reporters in Cincinnatti

"This is not a mayor or a governor or a president who's sitting in an ivory tower," he said. "I was at ground zero as often, if not more, than most of the workers. I was there working with them. I was there guiding things. I was there bringing people there. But I was exposed to exactly the same things they were exposed to. So in that sense, I'm one of them."

Yahoo reports the head of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association of New York, John McDonnell, responding "I have a real problem with that statement. I think he's really grasping and trying to justify his previous attempts to portray himself as the hero of 9/11."
But now there is more information. Today the New York Times reports

A complete record of Mr. Giuliani’s exposure to the site is not available for the chaotic six days after the attack, when he was a frequent visitor. But an exhaustively detailed account from his mayoral archive, revised after the events to account for last-minute changes on scheduled stops, does exist for the period of Sept. 17 to Dec. 16, 2001. It shows he was there for a total of 29 hours in those three months, often for short periods or to visit locations adjacent to the rubble. In that same period, many rescue and recovery workers put in daily 12-hour shifts.

And what was he doing there? The chart accompanying the NYT's story reveals numerous meetings with dignitaries- and an interview with Barbara Walters and one with Oprah Winfrey. And Giuliani says "I was at Ground Zero as often, if not more, than most of the workers (and) was exposed to exactly the same things they were exposed to. So, in that sense, I'm one of them." Yes, roughly ten hours a month, meeting with the likes of Dennis Hastert, Vincente Fox, Oprah, and Barbara. Just like all the other Ground Zero workers.

Leadership- That's Rudy.

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