Thursday, February 07, 2008

Patriot McCain

Senate Democrats yesterday, 2/6/08, failed to invoke cloture on Senate Amendment 3983to House Resolution 5140, the Recovery Rebates and Economic Stimulus for the American People Act of 2008. The amendment would have added $40 billion in rebates for the elderly, disabled veterans, and jobless individuals. With Senators Clinton and Obama returning to Washington specifically to cast an "aye" vote, 46 other Democrats, eight Republicans, and the two Independents (Lieberman and Bernard Sanders) also voting to cut off debate. In all, 58 Senators voted in favor of the Democratic measure with only one- Majority Leader Harry Reid- voting against it. However, as the Boston Globe reports, Reid voted yes, then no as a parliamentary maneuver designed to allow him to re-introduce the amendment. (In fact, the Senate a few minutes ago voted passed by 91 to 7 a scaled-back measure.)

One Senator was en route to Dulles International Airport just outside of Washington shortly before the vote. He spoke as if he was unsure how he would vote on this measure which would help disabled veterans but (and?) was opposed by the White House and the conservatives of his party. His plane landed as proceedings in the Senate began. He decided not to show up.

That was the man of courage, John McCain. The Arizona Senator will do whatever he can to help his fellow veterans.... except when there is any political risk.

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