Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Limbaugh Way (1)

Now that Rush Limbaugh has assumed leadership of the Republican Party (video below), it's instructive to look at some of his guiding principles. On February 12, El Rushbo (as he likes to call himself) went off:

This (Democratic U.S. Representative of California Brad) Sherman guy obviously is a dunce. For a member of Congress to be telling CEOs of anything, they have to sell their jets? Does this guy not understand, for crying out loud, this Congress is supposed to be about creating jobs, we're told. They're out there trying to destroy the automobile business. Now they're trying to destroy private aviation.

And Limbaugh on November 11, 2008 regarding an automotive rescue plan supported by most Democrats, the United Auto Workers, and General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler:

This notion that we, the taxpayers, might profit if the government bails out the Big Three and that somehow we're supposed to go along with this on that basis, insults my intelligence.

Same guy, same subject, different date (December 10, 2008):

This is a travesty what is happening here. It is a pure, 100% travesty. There is so much anger for this bailout out there. If the Republicans do not stand up to this, I don't care how much Obama screws up, nobody's going to have the guts to vote for Republicans anymore. A lot of Republicans are saying, "But, Rush, how do we oppose this? This is President Bush, and he's doing this. President Bush is signing off on it." Take a stand! You gonna be dealing with an incoming Democrat administration that you're going to have to be taking stands against all the time. Take a stand on this.

Rush opposes a rescue plan for the domestic automotive industry. But this Congress is "out there trying to destroy the automobile business." Chalk this one up to: hypocrisy.

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