Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rush Looking Down On The People Who Look Up To Him

While he routinely misinforms, misleads, distorts, manipulates, and occasionally lies, Rush Limbaugh is never at a loss to hold his audience of "dittoheads" in contempt. Rush was at his best Friday when, as his website has it, he whined:

Now, if you've heard since last night the program's suspended, and the news has been all over the place. Now you hear that it's not suspended. What do you do? More than likely you wait to find out what the truth is. In the meantime, if you have any sense yourself, you realize you're dealing with a bunch of frigging idiots. And then you realize it's the same bunch of frigging idiots that wants to administer your medical treatment. Not just your insurance, your medical treatment. And then you'll realize it's the same bunch of frigging idiots that claims global warming is being caused by you and that you gotta pay even more taxes to be punished for that. And then you gotta realize that these are the same frigging idiots that say they're going to rebuild the economy with "green jobs" in this new environmental technology sector, but you haven't seen an ad for one of those jobs 'cause not one of them has been created.


RUSH: Christina Romer, Debbie Stabenow, Sander Levin, they are all frigging idiots. This whole thing, this whole administration, is no more than a Charlie Foxtrot -- and if you don't know what a Charlie Foxtrot is, ask your nearest military person and they will tell you what a Charlie Foxtrot is.

Presumably, Rush could have come up with some evidence of his claims about government health care and the human origin of climate change. Or maybe not. But five instances of "frigging idiots" in eleven sentences. Respect for opponents, Limbaugh style. Intelligent monologue, Limbaugh style. Contempt for audience, Limbaugh style.

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