Monday, November 21, 2011

No Fan Of The Homeless And Veterans

Why does Rush Limbaugh hate veterans?

President Obama signed today a bill giving businesses tax credits to hire veterans. Unimpressed, however, is Rush Limbaugh, maintaining

There are no new jobs in the American Jobs Act. There aren't any tax cuts in it. And he wants taxes to go up. Here he is acting like he doesn't want taxes to go up. The way to answer this, though, is how come tax cuts are good for veterans and nobody else? What's wrong with everybody else getting a tax cut, too? Why not tax cuts for hiring everybody? Why does somebody only get a tax cut for hiring a veteran?

In order: yes, there are, $245 billion worth (chart, from DailyKos, below); because these aren't "tax cuts" (note Limbaugh slight of hand from tax credits to tax cuts to jobs) but tax credits for hiring veterans of the United States Armed Forces; because Barack Obama and most of the Democratic Party support tax cuts (extension of most of the Bush-era tax cuts which by statute otherwise are slated to expire).

When Limbaugh argues "but why not a tax cut for hiring a homeless guy?" he gives it all away. To Rush, veterans are about as worthy as homeless individuals, never at the top of his party list. Republican Stepfords voted in lockstep against the American Jobs Act, which would have provided far-ranging tax credits to small businesses, but even Republicans find it difficult to vote against veterans, given that GOP legislators, unlike Limbaugh, do not dislike this class of courageous citizens.


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