Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rick Shills For The Rich

We know who Rick Santorum is, which is more- or at least something different- than we can say about the GOP's likely presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.  

Unfortunately, almost all we know about Santorum is not good.    On Friday in Troy, Michigan, the former Pennsylvania senator from Virginia maintained

Not all folks are gifted the same way. Some people have incredible gifts with their hands. Some people have incredible gifts and want to work out there making things....

President Obama wants everybody in America to go to college. What a snob.    There are good, decent men and women who work hard every day and put their skills to the test that aren't taught by some liberal college professor....

That's why he wants you to go to college. He wants to remake you in his image.      I want to create jobs so people can remake their children into their image, not his.

These faux anti-intellectual remarks from one of Virginia's most prominent millionaires apparently were met with considerable applause.        They were, ironically, made at a rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Michigan.         The source of the chapter's funding is not easily ascertained, but AFP nationally is heavily subsidized by Charles and David Koch, owners of the second largest privately held company, and second largest privately held energy company, in the U.S.A.      Reflecting the political persuasion of the right-wing libertarian Koch brothers, the Michigan group's executive director has urged "taking unions out at the knees so they don't have the resources" to fight for workplace benefits or political candidates.

Truly a man of the people, a genuine populist, that Rick Santorum.       Consider that he believes that the tax plan of America's most famous vulture capitalist, Mitt Romney, is too hard on the wealthy.      At a tea party rally in St. Claire Shores, Michigan, the former senator

criticized the tax plan Romney laid out earlier in the week that would reduce all income tax rates by 20%, noting that Romney said he would make the plan revenue-neutral by limiting mortgage and charitable deductions for the "top 1%."

"Hmmm, where have I heard that before?" Santorum said. "We have a Republican running for president who's campaigning as an Occupy Wall Streeter."

From the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, here is a graph, indicating that the effective tax rate for households with over $1million, fell from 32% to 22% from 1992 to 2007:

This would bring a smile to Rick Santorum's face while he continues his "anti-snob" campaign on behalf of the 1%.

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