Saturday, September 23, 2017

Replacing Trump

Conceding Mike Pence is "a typical arch-conservative Christian hypocrite," he is nonetheless, Bill Maher argues (video, from 9/15/2017, below), "a survivable event."

That is in contrast to Donald Grump who, if he runs out of Elton John song titles, might decide to order that Kim Jong-un and his countrymen should be obliterated.  The events that follow might not be survivable.

Still, that probably won't happen and in its absence, some of us would go the other way.

Ann Coulter, an arch conservative who has expressed neither the deep religous faith as has Mike Pence nor the contempt for Christianity as has Donald Trump, is one. An early supporter of Donald Trump and The Wall, Coulter either has lost patience waiting for Trump to stop immigration or recognizes the scam he has run on his supporters.  On September 14 she tweeted "at this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached" followed by "If we're not getting a wall, I'd prefer President Pence,"

She may have figured out, as Bill Maher noted (at 53:58 of video immediately below) Friday evening, "I hate to break it to you "real Americans" but what Trump likes about Chuck and Nancy is they're not you."  Coulter's preference- tepid though it is- for Pence over Trump should give the left some pause in its eagerness for Trump's impeachment, although she may change her mind once the President resumes his con.

Wall Street Journal columnist turned New York Times columnist, Bret Stephens, won't, however.  A conservative Never Trumper who voted for Hillary Clinton, he remarked on September 15 on Maher's "Real Time"

I could never have voted for a guy like Mike Pence.... But the problem with- the difference between Trump and Pence is that Trump is an authentic fraud, right, and that Pence is in essence the exact opposite. He's a fraudulent authentic. And when Pence sort of attests to Donald's goodness as a man and you know he doesn't believe a word of it but he's saying it with a kind of pious oleaginous fake sincerity. It's terrible because you- with Trump you never know that he knows he's lying because there's always the interface of- of- of the manic personality disorders but Pence is a man in his right mind.

Investigate Trump and at the end, impeach if justified; indict and prosecute, even better. Yet, with Donald J. Trump, we get one kind of scam. With Mike Pence, we get a different kind, and it might not be any better.

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