Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Pendulum Swings Again

The jig is up. Master propagandist Kellyanne Conway won't admit it but gave Chris Cuomo an opportunity to explain it (beginning at approximately 13:00 of the video below) when he interviewed the Counsel to the President on Wednesday night.

Cuomo began "and you had the President walk into that meeting and say "Look, the wall, can be different things in different places. I'm open to- I'll agree to whtever you guys come up with." After Conway  replied "You realize part of it is mountainous," the intense but controlled Cuomo responded

No, no, not what I realize. Do you realize when the President was promising it's going to be a big, new wall all across. I'll build in in a year. People said exactly what you're saying now and he shook his head in definace and said "no, not me, that's these other guys. They're saying they're going to compromise. Not me- big, brand new wall." That's what he said- it's not a metaphor. It doesn't mean a fence, it doesn't mean sensors. It's a wall. 

That's what he said- it's not a metaphor.  It doesn't mean a fence, it doesn't mean sensors. It's a wall. He changed. He changed at the meeting- Republicans say it, Democrats say it.

The unflappable Conway, exposed as the flunky who defends whatever Trump says minute-to-minute, admitted

You know what's changed? That he has said in order to do a deal on DACA it includes a wall it includes an end to chain migration. It includes an end to the visa lottery system and what bothers a lot of folks out there-it seems including you- is that you're going to get the main tool out of the  way if he surprises you and actually does a deal on DACA. ....

Donald Trump's words have changed. He hasn't changed over the course of  the past two-and-a-half years, in the period since the Voice of the Common Man, accompanied by a trophy wife, announced his presidential candidacy at the $1.5 billion, 58-story skyscraper he owns.

He hasn't changed over the past two years, in the period since the then-primary candidate vowed "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words."

Nor has he changed since September 1, 2015, after he first promised to build a great, geat wall on our southern border, and well before othr times he has repeated that. He had met with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Javier Palomerez, who stated

The Donald Trump I sat with today was hospitable, he was a gentleman. He listened much more than he spoke. He asked questions.

We continue to disagree, particularly on the wall. We agreed on this notion of mass deportation of 11 million people. And we continued to agree on the fact that we will not use Trump properties.

Hw peobably has not changed since February 2016, when he made to the New York Times editorial board off-the-record remarks which apparently contradicted his public statements, widely speculated to be about immigration.

Donald Trump probably has never believed in a wall. He did not believe in it while speaking to illegal immigration-advocate Palomarez, but does advocate it when speaking to his nativist base. It doesn't matter, because all Trump believes in is himself and his views change upon a whim, depending on whom he is speaking to.

His public position has transitioned in the past couple of days. However, now that his openness to deal with Democrats on immigration has been exposed, the President probably will have contradicted that position by the time this has been posted.

He will reverse course, for a time, because he has no point-of-view at all. He has advocated a "big, beautiful wall," opposed a wall, supported it, and now is open to a deal so he can say he has succeeded where no President ever has. He has evolved, devolved, and evolved again. Intimidated, he will back down in light of criticism from his cultural right, including that from talk-show host Laura Ingraham, who- neither deaf nor blind- on Wednesday night warned

I’m going to wait and see what the final DACA proposal looks like. But if it does not include a wall – a real wall, not a see-through wall, expect a political revolt from the base, which means losing the House and maybe even the Senate. And by the way, [ending] chain migration — absolutely necessary".... He promised them a wall — a big, beautiful wall. And unless it’s built, unless chain migration is ended, I fear, Mr. President, your most ardent supporters will write you off as just another politician who said something you really didn’t mean.

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