Tuesday, October 23, 2018

However, He Does Dress Well

Van Jones always had it in him. He "resigned" as "green jobs czar" by President Obama, who was unwilling to take the heat from Republicans criticizing Jones.  Because it is the only sensible approach toward someone who won't defend you against his political enemies, Jones then became a huge supporter of, and surrogate for, Obama.

So he was in character when he interviewed in Ohio five members of a rural white family, three of whom voted twice for Obama but switched to Trump, one not old enough to vote until 2012 who switched from the Democrat to the Republican, and one who voted for Obama but passed on both Trump and Clinton. He was surprised to learn that they did not fit the stereotype of Trump supporters as being racist- they even denied it!

He brought them to the studio and gushed "you know, that was a life-changing thing for me and I just learned so much from it. It was a total stereotype shatterer" (sic). Really.

Consequently, it shouldn't have been surprising to read

Liberal CNN commentator Van Jones says he has no regrets over his praise for President Trump’s first address to Congress which landed him in hot water with the left.

Mr. Jones, a former President Obama adviser who now hosts “The Messy Truth” on CNN, sparked liberals’ ire last week after he said Mr. Trump’s honoring of a slain Navy SEAL during his Feb. 28 speech was “one of the most extraordinary moments” in American politics.

More than a week later and Mr. Jones still stands by his words, telling The Daily Beast that he was just being honest about how he felt “in the moment.”

“No, I don’t regret it, because it was honestly how I felt in that moment. My dad’s in the military and that moment where everybody in Congress stood up and applauded that widow, that really moved me,” he said. “And it moved a lot of people. I said, if he keeps doing stuff like this, he’s going to be there for eight years.

Jones would gush over Barack Obama, then was awed by Donald Trump. Therefore, we should not have been shocked when Jared Kushner came out of hiding in order to give an interview to,,, Van Jones.  Nor was it odd- albeit naive and unprofessional- when

“I want to start — how did you get this job?” he asked Kushner, who was seated rigidly in an oversize armchair. “I mean, you have, like, the dopest job in the world — the secretary of everything. Does it bug you when they call it secretary of everything?"

“Yes,” Kushner responded, with a small smile.

“You’re a business guy,” Jones went on. “How did you wind up in this position?”

It could be because Jared Kushner is husband to Donald Trump's favorite person beside himself.  Or it could be the cushy relationship between the Trump Organization and the Kushner Companies, or because Jared knows where some of the bodies are buried.

Jones was appropriately mocked online and responded in part "I really wanted to make sure that he was able to explain himself without having to defend himself on everything, because when you get somebody like that talking, sometimes, just let them talk."

Kushner should be allowed to talk, but then challenged if what he says is inaccurate or even at all controversial.  And he would have been, had his interviewer done a better job impersonating a journalist.

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