Saturday, March 07, 2020

And Some Racehorses Must Be Put Down

I'm not psychic. So sue me. I couldn't possibly know, when on Friday I implied that Donald Trump wanted people to die, that the next day he would provide more evidence of that theory than had (though I should have remembered this). From CNN's fact checker

The President understands why his advisers want the people to be taken off the cruise ship. Lots of deaths would be injurious to Donald Trump's re-election effort, and being indicted as an ex-President can be very awkward. It would do the career of those advisers no good, either. But if Trump were unencumbered with such details, he'd rather them stay on. And there can be only one reason for that.

Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio in December of 2015- over four years ago- told us what motivates Donald Trump when the author wrote

I’m a big believer in natural ability,” Trump told me during a discussion about his leadership traits, which he said came from a natural sense of how human relations work. “If Obama had that psychology, Putin wouldn’t be eating his lunch. He doesn’t have that psychology and he never will because it’s not in his DNA.” Later in this discussion, Trump said: “I believe in being prepared and all that stuff. But in many respects, the most important thing is an innate ability.”…

Trump has handed down his sense of entitlement to the next generation. His son Donald Jr. told me: “Like him, I’m a big believer in race-horse theory. He’s an incredibly accomplished guy, my mother’s incredibly accomplished, she’s an Olympian, so I’d like to believe genetically I’m predisposed to [be] better than average.”

The racehorse theory of human development explains Trump’s belief in his suitability for political leadership, despite the fact that he has never held office. He’s absolutely convinced that America’s problems will be solved by his God-given management skills, bankruptcies notwithstanding. You are either born with superior qualities — the right DNA — or you are not. And people get what they deserve.

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