Saturday, February 06, 2021

Proudly Insurrectional

Even before Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was removed from the House Education and Budget committees, there was reason for colleagues to realize that the Georgia Republican was not remorseful. She referred to "Democrat colleagues," though- or because- "Democrat" as an adjective is recognized as a slur. She blamed "the left and the right," mainstream media and social media, praised Donald Trump, and made clear she was neither ashamed nor embarrassed but above all, proud to be Marjorie Taylor Greene.

While she condemned "Democrat tyrannical government" and called Democrats "morons," Greene made Republicans who backed her look like saps. She did not praise or even thank those Republicans, the vast majority of her caucus, who voted in her favor. Instead, she embarrassed them, alleging they are impotent with "no say on committees, anyway."  She effectively informed her GOP colleagues that they serve little purpose but to expose themselves to ridicule for her benefit.

Greene now has confirmed the wisdom of the entire Democratic caucus and of eleven Republicans to deny her a seat on the committees. Told on January7 by an adoring interviewer "what you did was so brave," Greene responded "yea, that- it was a hard thing we did yesterday."

Air Force pilot and congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, though a conservative Republican, voted to impeach President Trump and remove Greene, recognizing his colleague's defiance:


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