Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Arkansas: Hands Off Contract Killers!

Breaking from tradition, I have to disagree with a pro-reproductive rights tweet:


If proponents of forced birth who accept abortion in the case of rape or incest are even a little bit logical, they would argue that women made pregnant by rape or incest are the victims of crime, violent crime.

Instead, as forced birth advocates frequently do, characterizing as "victims" the women seeking abortions constitutes the effort to make abortion bans "more palatable to the mushy political center." Arkansas legislators didn't need to include a rape and incest exception to make the legislation acceptable to individuals who want abortion banned, but politely. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette explains

The bill would punish any doctor who performs an abortion with criminal penalties of a fine up to $100,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

The bill also explicitly states a desire for the United States Supreme Court to overturn its ruling in Roe v. Wade....

Several organizations, including Arkansas Right to Life, the Arkansas Family Council and the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock, have voiced support for the bill.

Arkansas Right to Life, Arkansas Family Council, and the Diocese of Little Rock now have endorsed contract killing.

Oh, they'd admit nothing of the sort. However, when a person pays another person to end a life, the first person is charged with first degree murder and generally would be punished less severely than the person who carries out the deed. However, the Arkansas legislation authorizes for any doctor who performs an abortion criminal penalties of a fine up to $100,000 and up to 10 years in prison. The woman, evidently, is believed to be incapable of making a rational decision and faces no penalty.

The bill is silent on penalties for the woman. Of course, it is. Scanning the articles about passage of the legislation, I have found none (an example, here) which specify that the woman is not penalized.  It isn't necessary because it is routine to exempt from penalty or ;punishment the woman who has sought and requested the abortion.

Doctors don't go door-to-door drumming up candidates for an abortion. Nor do they send mailers soliciting clients, as some real estate professionals (shady or legitimate) do to announce they want to buy your house. They don't take to social media enticing women to end their pregnancy.

Women seek them, as they should be permitted to do.  However, when they do so, they are soliciting murder, if we are to believe forced birth enthusiasts. Yet despite all their effort in finding, and paying, a willing doctor, they are held blameless while the doctor can be sentenced to ten years in prison.

The anti-reproductive freedom proponents either a) understand that were women to be held responsible for the "murder" of abortion, the Republican Party would be severely damaged politically or b) really don't believe abortion is killing. Either way, they are definitive, flat-out, hypocrites. 


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