Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Welcome Walk-Back

And then it happened on Twitter:

Hating on Israel's occupation is not antisemitic.Hating on Israel terrorism is not antisemitic.

Israeli killing innocent Palestinians are inhumane. Israeli bombing Palestinian civilians is an act of genocide. Not self-defense.

We don’t hate jews.

This tweeter was honest- or brazen- enough to invoke "hating on," which makes it quite clear what he is doing.  And Israel is focusing on Hamas terrorists and underground Hamas tunnels. When civilians occupy a building expected to be bombed, Israel typically notifies residents beforehand so as to reduce the death toll. It doesn't make those killed any less dead, but it does result in fewer being killed.


I have thanked you in previous tweet. I had respect for you, but I’ve deleted my tweet. If you have morals and principles, you can’t take them back or apologize for them. You got this one wrong, it’s not Israel/Hamas, it’s Israel/Palestine. Israel killed 60+ Palestinian children

Yes, actually it is Israel/Hamas.  Those rockets fired toward the civilian populations of Israel come from Hamas and not from the West Bank or anywhere but Gaza. Don't confuse Hamas with the Palestinian children, victims of both Israeli bombs and of Hamas, who enjoy using them as human shields.


Say Palestine. I dare you.

"Palestine, Palestine, Palestine, Palestine." There- I as a Zionist have said it. And because over half the population of Jordan is of Palestinian origin, there is no doubt a patch of land in Jordan which would be great as an independent Palestinian state.


You used to be cool, man. What happened.

A Washington Post reporter could inform him, as she explained

Several of the most prominent U.S. Jewish organizations appealed Friday to the Biden White House to take measures to combat antisemitism after a string of attacks on Jews across the country related to the Mideast conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Jews in New York City, Los Angeles and south Florida were physically or verbally assaulted by individuals claiming the cause of the Palestinians, among other incidents, in the 11 days since fighting erupted in Israel and Gaza.

A yarmulke-wearing man was hospitalized after being attacked by a group of people making antisemitic statements near an anti-Israel protest, according to New York City police. A car of people yelling “Free Palestine!” and obscenities threw trash at a family walking in Bal Harbour, Fla. A Hasidic man was chased in Los Angeles by a carload of people waving Palestinian flags.


These events are among those which made Ruffalo wisely and courageously reflect upon his words and note that they were "inflammatory" and "used to justify antisemitism here & abroad."  A half point should be taken away from Ruffalo because he apologized for using the term "genocide," when he actually was accusing Israel of apartheid. 

Nevertheless, he deserves a greater amount of extra credit because he labeled his remarks "hyperbole."  Accusations against Israel have ratcheted up from "apartheid"- which also isn't accurate- to "genocide," which has the advantage of being both inaccurate and inflammatory.  They don't always go without correction, however:

The Netanyahu government still must be pressured to address the land grab by Palestinian Jews, most of them Orthodox, which is inimical to hopes of an independent state for Palestinian Arabs. 

For four years, the President of the USA continually demonstrated that he is bigoted, almost uniquely selfish and greedy, and yes- uniquely- corrupt and dishonest.  The American left and much of the center blamed not the United States of America but instead- justifiably- Donald Trump (or "President Trump.")  Yet,  little of the criticism of Israel's actions is directed toward the Netanyahu government, Netanyahu's Likud Party, or toward Bibi Netanyah himself. 

In Israel, it's always, well, "Israel," the whole darn lot of 'em.  So when some individuals plead "we don't hate Jews," for many of us paying attention, it's a hard sell. Thankfully, Mark Ruffalo doesn't appear to be one of those individuals.


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