Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Situational Ethics

It shouldn't be enough to say "but Trump."

Walter Shaub, ethics advisor to President Obama, issed a challenge to Jen Psaki, President Biden's press secretary:

Steve Richetti, the patriarch of the clan, has long been a confidante of Biden and is now a White House counselor. Sons T.J. and Daniel and daughter Shannon all have been given jobs in the Administration. Good work if you can get it.


Conveniently, someone then proved his point:


Her self-description suggests that she is no Trump supporter- but may as well be. Aside from the (inaccurate) personalized cheap shot  toward Ball and Shaub, she chose not to criticize anything in particular Shaub has stated. Instead, she was exorcised because ethics are things "nobody really cares about."

There is much that is significant which fails to arouse more than a passing interest of the public. Four-and-a-half years ago, a tape surfaced in which presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, an underdog to Hillary Clinton, bragged about assaulting women. Fortunes reversed, he won the election, in part because nobody really cared that that a presidential candidate believed women exist for his sexual pleasure. Trump proved that was something "nobody really cares about," aside from individuals who already found him distasteful, of whom there obviously was an insufficient number.

Fortunately, there are individuals who recognize that criticizing the ethics of the Trump Administration does not relinquish one from the responsibility of objectively considering the current Administration's ethics.

It's insufficient not to mimic the most corrupt President in American history. President Biden needs to establish a more ethical regime than he appears to be doing, and for his supporters to demand nothing less.  Share |

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