Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Three-Fifths Of An Asset

In the 1980s, Partnership for a Drug-Free America ran a commercial featuring a fried egg and the tagline "This is your brain on drugs." If this were run today, it could replace the egg with Tulsi Gabbard.

For one, Gabbard seems to believe that Hillary Clinton is now President, and a very bad one, at that. In the chat with Fox's Jessie Watters, she cites "people who are integral in making this happen, people like Jake Sullivan, now holding very influential positions of power....." because of, evidently, the Wicked Witch of Chautauqua, New York. From that venue, she is pulling strings "undermining our democracy." (Imagine if she actually held a political office!)

The Durham investigation makes clear that Hillary Clinton and the power elite spied on the Trump campaign and White House.  But no such thing was found by the investigator hired by Attorney General Bill Barr to undermine the apparent legitimacy of the investigation into the connection between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia. Instead, as The New York Times' Charlie Savage explains

filing never said the White House data that came under scrutiny was from the Trump era. According to lawyers for David Dagon, a Georgia Institute of Technology data scientist who helped develop the Yota analysis, the data — so-called DNS logs, which are records of when computers or smartphones have prepared to communicate with servers over the internet — came from Barack Obama’s presidency.

Michael Sussman, the cybersecurity lawyer with connections to the Democratic Party, has been charged by Durham of lying to the FBI about information that he had received from a client, a technology executive named Rodney Joffe, whose spokesman, according to Savage, maintains

After Russians hacked networks for the White House and Democrats in 2015 and 2016, it went on, the cybersecurity researchers were “deeply concerned” to find data suggesting Russian-made YotaPhones were in proximity to the Trump campaign and the White House, so “prepared a report of their findings, which was subsequently shared with the C.I.A.”

The alleged connection, let alone any actual connection, to Hillary Clinton is tenuous. But so is it to the "warmongering" Gabbard charges when she claims

And what they're doing is telling the American people, they're telling us that, hey, you've got to be ready to go to war with Russia or other countries to "spread democracy," to "protect democracy...."

While severe economic sanctions have been threatened by President Biden, the Administration has not suggested sending American troops, or even bombing Russian or Ukrainian territory, or urging citizens "to be ready to go to war with Russia." It was unavoidable that, with anyone but Donald Trump as President, that the Russian

threat is being taken seriously because Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and seized its territory....

An estimated 100,000 Russian troops have been deployed close to Ukraine's borders and a reported 30,000 more are engaged in exercises in Belarus, close to its 1,084km (674 miles) border with Ukraine. The Belarus exercises are scheduled to end on 20 February.

There is significantly less evidence that Tulsi Gabbard is an asset (of the Kremlin) than there is of Donald Trump.. Merely taking away the "et" from "asset" is a better fit.


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