Sunday, June 19, 2022

A Convenient MIsunderstanding

As you've doubtless heard

Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee for Senate in Georgia, who has been a frequent critic of absentee fathers, especially in Black households, has acknowledged that he is the father of a second son he had not previously mentioned publicly, as well as an adult daughter who was born when he was in his early 20s.

The revelation, reported on Thursday by The Daily Beast, is the second this week about children Mr. Walker has fathered but did not publicly disclose. The outlet reported on Tuesday about a 10-year-old son of Mr. Walker’s with whom he is not in contact.

It's fair to say that Walker has a sketchy association with the truth. His dishonesty has no bounds and

Walker has also been called out for lying about graduating from the University of Georgia. He left after his junior year. He also said that he was a member of law enforcement in Cobb County and trained with the FBI. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found no evidence this was true. The Cobb County Police Department, a county neighboring Atlanta, also said it “had no record of involvement with Walker,” the newspaper reported.

So of course he was received enthusiastically at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference this weekend.  The quote in this tweet begins at approximately 3:26-29 of the video below and as you can hear, is incomplete because the recording from the conference is unclear and Walker's words particularly so. The candidate was responding to a question posed by host Ralph Reed, who falsely stated (at 3:26-02) that Democratic senator Raphael Warnock "says he's pro-abortion" because Reed long has been a right-wing supporter of plutocracy posing as a believing Christian.

Herschel Walker says Sen Warnock is a “false prophet” because he’s pro-choice: “I’m from the womb to the tomb .. I’m confused, because if a pastor says something like that .. is he like a false prophet? In the 10 Commandments, does it not say, ‘Thou shall not kill?’

Consistently applied, that reason would lead Walker to oppose both capital punishment and all wars.  However

There are several strong arguments for the case that the sixth commandment should be translated as “Thou shalt not murder.” First, the verb used in the Torah commandment is “ratsah,” which generally is translated as murder and refers only to criminal acts of killing a human being. The word “kill” generally refers to the taking of life for all classes of victims and for all reasons. This generalization is expressed through a different Hebrew verb “harag.”

Another compelling argument against the “Thou shalt not kill” translation is that there are many places in the Hebrew scriptures that command or condone warfare, the sacrifice of animals, and several methods of capital punishment.

Most, albeit not all, theologians realize the command is "Thou shalt not murder." Thus understood correctly, neither capital punishment (where authorized) nor abortion (where legal) is murder. 

In what by now, 2022, should be no surprise, attendees at a "Faith and Freedom Coalition" conference have little knowledge of the Bible they claim to revere. Neither does their chosen candidate, Herschel Walker, for that US Senate seat in Georgia.  But neither does he seem to have much knowledge about anything, which increasingly appears to be an asset for Republican candidates.


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