Thursday, January 12, 2023

Tweet of the Day- Receipts in Plain Sight

Mace first stated "I'm pro-life but the vast majority of people in my district did not agree with Roe being overturned."  Although Mace is not "pro-life" but anti-abortion rights, this is largely accurate because the record indicates that she has no problem with access of women to contraception.  However, after these first words, the congresswoman strung together a few self-admiring sentences, remarking

And I'm pro-life but the vast majority of people in my district did not agree with Roe being overturned. We would town hall after town hall trying to find and talk about that common ground and not race to the fringes and I would ask my colleagues "you know, show some compassion to women. Show compassion especially to rape victims or girls who are victims of incest, uh, you know we've got to show love and compassion even when we disagree and not act liked (?) sometimes, which is what we do on some of these issues because we want to beat our chests. We want the base to love us but I've just chosen this election- I had two big elections this year- a primary, a big primary and a big general election that you can stick to your principles and values. You can find middle ground and you can win big and that's the lesson I learned that many of my colleagues haven't quite figured it out yet and I am very worried about our agenda. Uh, I know there are other swing district Republicans that want to stay in the majority and we're going to have to be vocal sooner rather than late. We're going to have to come together and find a dozen of us who are going to put a stop to this when it happens.

Remarkably, Representative Mace said all this without coming up for air and- as is Harrison's point- without a whit of challenge from co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski (Scarborough).

Mace herself has leapt to the challenge of beating one's own chest, having already introduced a bill which would require Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his staff "to fly commercial... until the issues with Southwest and the FAA are investigated and resolved." Performative behavior is alive and well in the GOP caucus.

On Wednesday, Representative Mace voted for two measures proposed by fellow Republicans, and approved, in the House. According to ABC News, one "would condemn violence against facilities, groups and churches opposed to abortions" and the other "would mandate health care providers give care to an infant that is born alive after a failed abortion."

If passed by the Senate (which it won't be) and signed by the President (which it wouldn't be), this measure would at best be inconsequential. On August 15, 2002  the Born Alive Infants Protection Act was signed into law by President Bush, who contended it "ensures that every infant born alive- including an infant who survives an abortion procedure- is considered a person under federal law."

But that's not all. On July 15, 2002 Mace failed to vote on the Ensuring Access to Abortion Act of 2022 and voted against the Women's Health Protection Act of 2022.  On April 25, 2019 she voted with the overwhelming majority of her GOP colleagues in the South Carolina House of Representatives to approve the Prohibits Abortion After a Fetal Heartbeat is Detected bill. 

Of course, once the US Supreme Court handed down its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization overturning Roe v. Wade and awakened the nation's pro-choice majority, the congresswoman would conceal her record. In a general election debate last October against her Democratic opponent, Mace claimed "she just said that I supported and signed on to a bill that would ban all abortions without exceptions. That's a complete and utter lie. The word 'abortion' isn't even in that bill."

Mace had not been a co-sponsor. However, the bill, later signed into law by the Republican governor, included the word "abortion" sixty-two (62) times. And, oh yea, the title.

As suggested by Jaime Harrison, Nancy Mace is a performance artist who preaches moderation when politically advantageous but refuses to challenge her party's effort to force a woman into giving birth. She's given license by news hosts anxious to convince the public that there are two Republican parties: one "conservative" and one "moderate." Although a small majority of Republicans is mainstream and a large majority sympathetic to insurrection, there is ideologically only one, extremely conservative, Republican Party.

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