Saturday, May 11, 2024

Hamas Still Eager for More Death and Destruction in Gaza

Don't blame the Biden Administration.  Jasmine M. El-Gamal began in 2008, during the George W. Bush Administration, working in the Department of Defense addressing Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria issues. But don't blame President Bush either- El-Gamal was a civil service employee, proving that even merit-based employees can be very bad choices for the federal government.

Gamal claims 

The Israelis and Prime Minister Netanyahu are saying that part of the reason they're going in to Rafah- partly, is to release the hostages, to get them released and to put pressure on Hamas. But even as a tactic, no reason to believe that that will work, because up until now, the Israelis- Hamas- has not released any hostages uh, under duress. 

The only way they release hostages is through negotiations. Hamas is not an organization that will bow to that kind of pressure. So as a tactic, even, we've talked about the strategy and why it's faulty but also as a tactic, it's not- it's not the right way to go.

As an example of a Freudian slip, this one should become a classic. A Hamas- or rather, "Palestinian"- supporter erroneously referring to hostages of Israel, then correcting it to hostages of Hamas, reveals her delusional belief that prisoners of Israel are hostages. Obviously, they are prisoners, period.

According to a press release of several days ago, Hamas will accept nothing less than a permanent ceasefire, withdrawal of Israeli forces, an exchange of the dozens of hostages (dead or alive) it holds for several hundred prisoners Israel has held, lifting of a blockade, and reconstruction of its territory. Israel must capitulate and submit to the enemy.

In order to end the war Israel is currently winning, Hamas demands Israel receive nothing of value it had before October 7 and to make huge concessions, They would include release of suspected Palestinian criminals, an end to the blockade in effect since 2007, and- of course- money, money, and more money.  With the end of the blockade, Hamas would resume turning humanitarian assistance into tunnels and weapons of war, as has been its practice.

Heads we win, tails you lose. With its acceptance of a deal proposed by Egypt, Israel has signaled its willingness to compromise; Hamas, its willingness to accept total surrender by Israel., which is not forthcoming.  

Israel may not secure release of the hostages with an incursion into Rafah. But Hamas has refused to give an accounting of which hostages are deceased and which are still alive. As a price for release of hostages, Israel is being pressured to revitalize and embolden Hamas, acquiescing in all the demands of a terrorist organization determined to destroy it. The State of Israel will not agree to its own dissolution, as Hamas remains thirsty for more blood shed by Palestinians whose death it craves.

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