Thursday, October 25, 2007

Imagine my shock to learn that Mitt Romney is an opportunist. In this posting on, we learn from the Associated Press that the former Massachusetts governor has welcomed an endorsement from Bob Jones III, chancellor of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

There is only one problem- or at least you might think so. Bob Jones III believes the Mormon religion, of which Romney reportedly is a devout member, is an "erroneous faith" and "cult."

In his attempt to gain the Repub Presidential nomination by impressive opportunism, however, Romney has intense competition. Rudolph Giuliani is a former mayor of a city with millions of supporters of the New York Yankees, whose rivalry with the Boston Red Sox may be the most intense in the United State. Yet, he recently asserted during a campaign stop in Boston "I'm rooting for the Red Sox (in the World Series)" and at a later stop in Concord, New Hampshire "good luck to the Red Sox."

In the world of pandering, as in the world of demagoguery, there is only one king- and his name is Rudolph.

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