Monday, August 25, 2008

Saint McCain

Did you hear the one about Al Gore inventing the Internet?

Of course you did, probably several times- although the former Tennessee Senator never claimed credit for founding the Internet. It all started with an interview on CNN's "Late Edition" on March 9, 1999 when Gore responded to Wolf Blitzer's query as to why Democrats should support him over challenger Bill Bradley:

During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system.

Gore did spearhead Congressional efforts to advance the Internet and never did claim to create it. But did you hear the one about John McCain creating the "Do Not Call " telemarketing registry?

He did invent the DNC (I couldn't resist using the initials) list, according to his policy paper, "Ensuring the Personal Security and Privacy of Americans in the Digital Age," released on August 14, 2008. In it we read of the claim

2003 – McCain led in creating the FTC's “Do-Not-Call” telemarketing registry to allow consumers to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls. And, when the law was challenged in court, McCain led the effort to ensure that it was upheld.

But as Peter Swire, blogging at the wonk room of think, points out:

This claim is hilarious for those of us who work on these issues. FTC Chairman Tim Muris announced in October, 2001 that the FTC was going to do the Do Not Call list. Yet somehow McCain magically caused the Do Not Call list in 2003. And, given the independent agency status of the FTC, it is a stretch to say that “McCain led the effort to ensure that it was upheld.”

The presumptive Repub presidential nominee makes in this technology paper other claims which are at best very misleading. But have you ever heard any of this from the mainstream media? Hardly, and for only one reason- it's John McCain, he of the mythical, yet legendary, "Straight Talk Express."

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Shaun said...

Bummer that politicians are exempt from this law.

We are fighting back, for the American voter.

1 - Creating a Political Do Not Call Registry
2 - Testifying in the US Senate about robo calls (Sen. Feinstein’s Robocall Privacy Act)
3 - Forcing states to enforce existing robo call laws (CA, MN, NJ, etc..)
4 - Getting politicians to take a do not robo call pledge (7 have)

Learn more.

Shaun Dakin
A non-profit fighting for the privacy of the American voter

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