Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Arab Leadership Not Homogenous

The fanatically anti-Israeli Ian Welsh, posting on firedoglake.com, is either confused or intentionally deceptive as he alleges

So. Israel attacks Palestinians. Hamas responds by counter-attacking.

If Israel is responsible for initiating hostilities, and its adversaries are the "Palestinians," it comes as a surprise to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who in a joint press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said of Hamas:

We spoke to them and told them "Please, we ask you not to end the cease-fire. Let it continue. We want to protect the Gaza Strip. We don't want it to be destroyed."

And when Gheit was asked who was to blame for the crisis in Gaza, he replied: "Ask the party that controls Gaza."

Memo to those, in the left blogs and otherwise, who find Israel largely to blame for the latest war in the Middle East: not all Arabs (or Palestinians) think alike, and there are leaders in their community who fervently hope the Israelis are successful in ending the terrorist regime in Gaza.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Abbas hates Hamas, they beat Fatah in an election, then in a war. That doesn't leave good feelings.

As for Egypt, they are complicit in starving the Palestinians, since they could allow food and supplies in from their side.

But hey, what's a 48% anemia rate amongst Gaza kids mean, anyway? Hamas definitely shouldn't have made their condition for renewing the truce an end to a blockade that is starving their children. How unreasonable of them.

Ian "fanatically pro-not-starving people" Welsh

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