Saturday, June 06, 2009

Rush: Down With America, and American Workers

Chairman of the Republican Party (not RNC) Rush Limbaugh has done it again.

No, not saying that he hopes President Barack Obama will fail, though he did so (video below) when interviewed by Sean Hannity on GOP TV on June 3. No, now he has made clear what some of us have suspected for a while- that he wants the American worker and the American economy to fail.

The people saying they don't want to buy anything at General Motors are not mad at General Motors. They don't want to patronize Obama. They don't want to do anything to make Obama's policies work!....

Anyway, the point is, be it General Motors, be it Chrysler -- whatever else Obama ends up controlling and running -- the American people are not going to want it to succeed. So I want all of you who work at General Motors and all of you who are members of labor unions to understand that the opposition to you is not because of you.

So Rush Limbaugh encourages a boycott of one of America's three automobile companies (and historically the largest) and it's nothing personal- just business, you understand. While the President is encouraging individuals to buy American, Limbaugh is applauding the sentiment of people allegedly refusing to buy from General Motors, encouraging them to boycott it and Chrysler. And if the effort is successful, the companies will fail and Americans will lose their jobs. Still, "the opposition to you is not because of you"- it's only your job and American manufacturing Rush and his dittoheads want to destroy.

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