Saturday, October 03, 2009

Haughty, Thy Name Is Pawlenty

The next time you hear someone suggest that Barack Obama, Democrats, or liberals, or those on the far left are "elitists," remind them of Tim Pawlenty.

Yes, the mild-mannered, relatively reasonable Republican from the eminently reasonable state of Minnesota, who Thursday on GOP TV disparaged (video below) middle class consumers, sneering "There's a joke out now that says the main value of the Cash for Clunkers program may be that we'll get a lot of cars with Obama stickers off the road."

Tim Pawlenty wants us to know that people who could afford to drive nothing better than a "clunker" are all the same. They're all Obama voters, presumably lacking the class of Repub primary voters. Pawlenty, now rivaling Glenn Beck and Repub chairman Rush Limbaugh in scorn for the American people, apparently is in training to seek the GOP presidential nomination.

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