Thursday, October 14, 2010

Condoleezza Rice On Education

Back in the early days of the Bush 43 administration, Condoleezza Rice asserted a connection between Sadaam Hussein and Al Qaeda and inferred that if we did not overthrow the Iraqi dictator a mushroom cloud would appear over Washington or New York. It's hard to believe that such a person actually would know less about other topics than about foreign policy but alas, she apparently does.

Appearing Thursday morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe, "Condi" Rice remarked "I have enormous respect for teachers. My parents were teachers." (Has there ever been a public figure who didn't claim at least one parent as a teacher- before going on to denigrate teachers? Think hard.) She patronized the profession by stating "they have in some ways the hardest jobs in the world." (I might vote for nuclear physicist; "in some ways," coal mining. And that's considering only the U.S.A.). Then Mrs. Rice, who doubtless has visited schools in every district in the country, asserted

it is also true that if you're a teacher and your kids aren't learning, aren't performing, it's not the students' fault.

Now, that's the way to promote academic excellence. First, tell the children that if their grades are poor, not to worry- it's their teachers' fault, not theirs.

Condoleezza Rice isn't the only one spouting the easy, politically safe tripe about education. She may be, however, the only one who gets to say it the morning after she has her posterior kissed by demigod Jon Stewart.

Next up: If only it were just education.

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