Monday, April 04, 2011

The Republican Media: No 27

It might deserve barely a mention but.... a Gallup poll released March 25 indicates that Mike Huckabee is the first choice among registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents to face off against President Barack Obama; another national poll released a few days later had both Huckabee and Mitt Romney, in a match-up with Obama, leading all GOP contenders, including America's Greatest Republican Ever, Chris Christie; and on March 2 the former Arkansas Governor won by a large margin a straw poll in South Carolina against the other GOP possibilities. Snicker not- South Carolina is one of the two most influential states in a Republican presidential nomination race.

So of more than passing interest should be Huckabee's recent statement at the Rediscover God In America” conference sponsored by United in Purpose, a Christian organization which describes itself as "actively Advancing the Traditional Values of America's Founding Fathers." (He was introduced by David Barton, a leader in the right-wing and allegedly Bible-based Christian Reconstructionist movement.) On Friday, Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch posted the clip (unedited video, below) of Huckabee's speech when it was streamed live on Thursday. By Saturday, Huckabee's intriguing remark had been scrubbed from the clip as it then appeared on the website of United in Purpose.

Good idea to take it off the site. It's never good to be caught maintaining

I almost wish that there would be like a simultaneous telecast and all Americans would be forced, forced, at gunpoint no less, to listen to every David Barton message and I think our country would be better for it.

No platitudes here about Jesus being all about brotherhood, peace, and tolerance; just a thought that a potential presidential candidate ought to be cognizant of the statements he makes and the company he keeps. And cynicism about the choice made by the traditional media to ignore a major appearance by a credible presidential possibility which provides considerable insight into the individual's view of religion and politics.

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