Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"New York Is Not Sending Us Its Best People"

On Sunday, Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News has written that Trump attorney Michael

Cohen — and by extension, Trump — have managed to place a uniquely American stamp on our presidential corruption, by making the whole thing look like the lost episode of The Sopranos. When the FBI recently raided Cohen’s office, home and hotel room, Cohen — who has a long history of family and personal ties to suspected Russian organized-crime figures — put on a wild-patterned sports jacket that looked off the rack from Martin Scorsese’s prop room, and met his associates outside on the street while paparazzi snapped photos that looked like government surveillance shots. It was reported that — in addition to the big-name clients he did land — Cohen was rebuffed by at least one, Ford Motor Co., and one can only imagine his pitch to the executives in Detroit. “Hey, that’s a nice Explorer you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.”

That was before (before) the report in the unreliable Daily Mail of London that Donald Trump's fixer

is facing claims he asked a Middle Eastern official for millions of dollars to give to 'Trump family members' in a meeting at Trump Tower weeks after the president's election victory, can reveal.

Cohen is alleged to have asked Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, a former diplomat in charge of a $100bn Qatari investment fund, to send 'millions' through him to Trump family members. A source told that the Qatari said he refused....

The claims of a demand for 'millions' were made by a senior Kuwaiti government source close to Al-Rumaihi.

With merely one source and reported by the Daily Mail, the veracity of the story is  questionable. However, on Friday night's Real Time, Bill Maher identifies members of the President's operations- Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Anthony Scaramucci, Steve Mnuchin, and Michael Cohen and maintains "someone from Real America. Citing traditional values of the "heartland," he maintains "someone has to tell me why you like these guys now." Asking "what happened to your  values," he offers

my theory- you didn't like it that the country had been "taken over" by liberals and feminists and elites- whatever. So you were feeling vulnerable and  disrespected. So you brought in some muscle from the East Coast for "protection"- and now you're married to the mob. Because that's what this Administration is- a protection racket....

His being President has been quite a revelation. I always thought he was an egomaniac and a blowhard. But I didn't ralize until this very year that he was a cheap hood all along- a common thug.

"Everything Trump does is modeled on the mob," Maher observed. It worked for him in New York City, and he has moved his act- and his criminal enterprise- down US 95.

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