Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trump Praises His Mother

The first instinct is to consider Nina Golgowski's point in this article in the Huffington Post as picky, trivial, or a distraction from the horrid things said and done by President Trump. But she's also wrong.

Golgowski writes

President Donald Trump praised his late mother as “incredible” in a Mother’s Day video on Sunday but made no mention of his wife, Melania, who’s the mother of his youngest son.

It probably would be picky to point out that it is cruel to refer to one's mother as "incredible," as in "not credible" but ignorance of the English language is the least of Mr. Trump's sins.  The author contrasted Trump's approach to the holiday with that of ex-President Obama, who "expressed his appreciation for his wife, Michelle, and his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, on Sunday, calling them “remarkable” in a message posted on Twitter" (better adjective, there).

Golgowski notes

First lady Melania Trump has made motherhood her primary role in the White House. Along with caring for the couple’s 12-year-old son, Barron, she is focusing on children through her “Be Best” campaign.

Last week, she reflected on the enormous amount of work that goes into being a mom at an event for military mothers at the White House.

“It takes an incredible amount of strength, a lot of time, a generous amount of patience, and all of our love,” she said. “As moms, we are so incredibly privileged to be able to bring children into this world and be a part of helping them grow into adults.”

Melania Trump may be an excellent mother. I don't know, and neither does Golgowski, and I don't care, other than to hope Barron doesn't turn into his father.

Trump is not wrong in singling out his (late) mother for praise on this day.. The occasion is called "Mothers Day." It is not called "Wives Day" or "Mothers/Wives Day." If we as a people wish to change the day, we can petition legislators to change it. Just as most states have converted Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday into one "Presidents Day," so, too, can the name and purpose of Mothers Day be altered.

For now, however, it is "Mothers Day." Barack Obama and others are free to celebrate their wives on that day while Donald Trump and others may hew to the actual name- "Mothers Day."  And if that choice he and others similarly inclined make upsets greeting card companies or restauranteurs, the Republic will not fall.

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