Monday, September 24, 2018

Not Doing Their Jobs

It's perilous to assess motives, and I was unsure when I argued that Republicans were largely avoiding blaming Christine Blasey Ford for her accusation against Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, they attacked Democrats generally and Dianne Feinstein especially because

congressional Republicans lack a spine.  They could accuse Ford of deception. They could have conceded that Brett might have attempted to rape Christine but that it was long ago, both were juveniles, and details have been horribly distorted, They might have contended that Kavanaugh's record of accomplishment and integrity in both his personal and professional life over the past few decades more than compensate for one horrid mistake.

They are following in the footsteps of their leader, President Trump, who has slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not recusing himself in the Russia election meddling investigation, failing torelease classified government documents, presiding over an office which has charged two GOP US Representatives with corruption, and for being a "dumb southerner."  But he will not fire him, just as he refuses to fire Chief of Staff John Kelly, with whom he has been feuding for months.

Now, a second alleged victim of the President's Supreme Court nominee has come to light. But the Senate Judiciary Committee majority already had reportedly decided that a female lawyer, rather than the actual GOP members of the committee, would question Kavanaugh and Ford, evidently because they figured the optics of the eleven male and zero (0) female Senators interrogating a possible victim of attempted rape would  be unsettling.  Appearing on MSNBC Saturday, ex-Assistant US Attorney Mimi Rocah stated

David, if I can say one other thing that I failed to mention in the list of demands that now the Republicans are making, this idea they are going to have female staffers questioning Dr. Ford, I mean, look, to me that is just shameful on top of shameful.

If they are going to try and question her credibility, attack her, smear her in the way they have been, they should have the guts to do it themselves and not put a front up of a woman staffer. It's not her fault that there are no female Republican senators now. They should have the guts to stand up and do this themselves.

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