Friday, September 28, 2018

World-Class Liar

Several years ago, before he became a US Senator and later drummed out of office, Al Franken wrote "Lies and the Lying Liars Who TellThem: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right."

I may be taking it too far to suggest that Franken could write a second edition, adding a chapter on Brett Kavanaugh.

During testimony Thursday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, California's Kamala Harris asked Judge Kavanaugh whether he had watched Dr. Ford's testimony delivered earlier that day. He responded "I did not. I planned to, but I did not, I was preparing mine.

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, we now know he had watched it. However, that was inconsequential, or relatively so.

One of the entries on the teenage calendar Kavanaugh  was quizzed on was "devil's triangle."  The nominee claimed it referred to a “drinking game” played with “three glasses in a triangle.” And so at 9:18 p.m. on Thursday, an anonymous source traced to a congressional IP address edited the "devil's triangle entry to "a popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of Judge Brett Kavanaugh."

The Urban Dictionary defines the term as ”a threesome with 1 woman and 2 men" and the false Wikipedia reference later was removed. "I do not believe 'Devil's Triangle' is a drinking game," Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who had raised the topic with Kavanaugh on Thursday, noted on Friday morning as he explained the vote he was casting against Kavanaugh. 

But that proves little other than that Kavanaugh was never the choirboy he first pictured himself as, and that his claim of virginity when he went off to college is open to question.

However, Martin Cizmar at Raw Story suggests that the Judge's sexual misbehavior may not be as limited as even his critics have charged. Cizmar notes that Republican John Kennedy of Louisiana Thursday

asked Kavanaugh about accusations that he had sexually assaulted a Yale classmate during his freshman year, by forcing her hand onto his exposed penis during a drinking game.

When responding to the question, Kavanaugh began by nodding yes. He then proceeded to deny the allegation.

Body language experts say that nodding yes when answering a question which you answer as “no” is a sign that you are lying. The reaction is hard-wired into the human limbic system.

But is that really true- or is it just speculation by a blogger somewhere?

Scott Rouse, who bills himself  "Your Body Language Mentor," lists "five deception cues you can rely on."  Included are

#4: Not Using Contractions When Answering The Question
This is one of my favorites.  When a person uses contractions they will say “Won’t” instead of “Will not”.  They will say “Didn’t” instead of “Did not”.

If you ask the person in question “Did you take the money out of my purse?” and they answer with “No, I did not”, they aren’t using a contraction.  If you ask the person in question “Do you remember seeing the earrings sitting on my desk?” and they answer with “No, I do not”, again they aren’t using a contraction.

What’s the problem with that?  It sounds weird.  If you asked me if I wanted to go to Arby’s and I said “No, I do not”, that would be weird.  If you asked me if I was the one looking at Mitch’s car earlier today and I said “No, that was not me”, then you’d think for sure I was weird.  Because nobody talks that way.  Robots probably do, but not normal humans.

I would say “No thanks, I ate Arby’s yesterday” and “No, that wasn’t me.  Did it look like me?”.  My answers don’t sound like I’ve been practicing them in my head without saying them out loud.

#5 Reverse Yes And No Head Shake
I talked about this not long ago and showed Lance Armstrong in one of his depositions shaking his head “No” as he was lying while saying “Yes”.  He did the opposite of that as well when he shook his head “Yes” while lying and saying “No” at the same time.

This is one you’ve really got to pay attention to.  Because most of the time it isn’t the person who is vigorously shaking their head “Yes” while saying “No”, it’s the person who is being still and saying “Yes” while their head, just ever so slightly, shakes “No”.  It’s almost imperceivable sometimes.  So you really have to be watching for it.

Asked "are Ms. Ramirez's allegations true," Brett Kavanaugh revealingly nodded yes while responding "no, they are not." Criteria #4 and #5 for deception were clearly met.

This guy is a bad apple- a very bad, rotten apple. He was then, he is now. There being a Republican Party, that may not stop him from getting a lifetime gig on the United States Supreme Court. But it's not as if we weren't warned.

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