Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Biden and Buttigieg: Perfect Together

On Monday CNN reported

President-elect Joe Biden could return to the nation's capital for his inauguration ceremony the way he long bridged his life at home and his job in politics: On an Amtrak train from Wilmington, Delaware, to Washington, DC.

It would be a fitting moment for the man who took roughly 8,000 round trips on that same route during his time as senator and vice president -- earning him the moniker "Amtrak Joe" -- and who four years ago left Washington by train on his final day as vice president.

Biden's inauguration team is eyeing a rail arrival as one of a number of plans being discussed for the January celebration, Democrats familiar with the planning told CNN. The plan, first reported by Axios, is far from finalized and there is a great deal of uncertainty around all inauguration planning given the coronavirus pandemic, the Democrats cautioned. A spokesperson for Biden's presidential inaugural committee declined to comment.

However, if David Sirota is right, it may all be for show:


The Biden team may be responding to the charge that there has been insufficient consideration of LGBTQIA individuals for an upcoming Administration boasting about its diversity. Perhaps the President-elect wanted to boost the visibility of a young Democrat whom Biden's hero believed could be a critical piece of the party's future. Or it may be Biden's effort to reward a candidate who endorsed the former vice-president for the Democratic nomination at a critical moment in the process. Or it may be the opposite.

Pete Buttigieg's experience as mayor of a diverse, mid-sized city may prove to be far more valuable than Joe Biden thought it would when his campaign ran the ad attacking his primary opponent. Nonetheless, there is no indication Biden ever was a fan of the guy, which ironically may have made him more attractive to the President-elect.  After all, of the many qualified and accomplished women Joe Biden considered to be his running-mate, hence the leading candidate to be the first female President, he selected the one candidate, indeed the only individual, who implied he is a racist. If this suggests a pattern, it is not a good one.



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