Friday, July 14, 2023

A Harebrained, or Urinebrained, Scheme

As President Joseph R. Biden would put it, "This woman was a judge. Not kidding."

The individual respectfully referred to as "Judge Jeanine Pirro" is clearly apoplectic that there has been no determination that the bag of cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House belongs to Hunter Biden. Thus, no link has been made to President Biden. In character, the former judge rants

.... Where are the canines?  Why don't you know everyone who's gone through there? It's all hogwash. You vacated the building it was so dangerous when you saw that, what you thought might be anthrax. And now, you know I don't have anything to say about it.

And then she kept talking, in a high-pitched voice, appearing unhinged, as she periodically does.

It wasn't anthrax. It was an illegal drug. It was an illegal drug whose half-life is very short. According to American Addiction Centers, the detection time frame for cocaine if a urine test, the most common test, is used is "up to 3 days, but up to 2 weeks for heavy users." According to the same source, for marijuana it is "up to 30 days, depending upon the frequency of use.".

Consequently, if a urine test for drug use were administered to White House staffers, it could very well ferret out individuals who used marijuana two or three weeks ago- and completely miss persons who had used cocaine a mere four days earlier. Recreational marijuana is legally possessed is twenty-three states; cocaine in none. Those twenty-three states include Maryland and Virginia- which border the District of Columbia, in which marijuana also may be legally used (in Guam, also).

Yet, if it is determined that many members of the Biden Administration use marijuana- oh, the horror of it all!- the number of Republicans who acknowledge that its use is widespread among Americans and generally no more deleterious than alcohol may range from negative 1 to plus 1. "Drug use" or whatever phrase is dredged gup to exaggerate the situation would become the newest fashion in political attacks for the likes of Chris Christie, Larry Hogan, Chris Sununu and other right-wingers who qualify as "moderates" in the mainstream media because they don't despise members of the LGBTQIA community. (The bar is set very low.)

As a Fox News personality, Ms. Pirro can shoot her mouth off at will and as a judge, she possesses a little credibility, however undeserved that it for her and others who by hook or by crook have attained that distinction. However, GOP officials including US Representatives Pete Sessions of Texas and Lauren Boebert of Colorado also have recommended drug testing.  It is a policy proposal which in the recent past would have impelled mainstream media to herald individuals as "fiscal conservatives."

Additionally, of course, northwest Georgia's Marjorie Taylor Greene: .

Jamie Raskin of Maryland points out that such testing would be "a massive disproportionate and overblown response that would violate people's civil liberties." Dangerously intrusive, ineffective, and costly but to Republicans, who were curiously silent on this topic during the Trump Administration, such would be an asset, not a bug. It also would give the GOP another cause du jour in the culture wars in the effort to secure complete political power.

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