Tuesday, July 04, 2023

"Conservatives Love Their Country"

This guy is very conservative. He is not being sarcastic.

Perhaps the conservative he pines for is Donald J. Trump, who a few months ago in Waco described the USA as

We are a failing nation.... a nation that is hostile to liberty, freedom, and faith. We are a nation whose economy has collapsed.. that no longer has a free and fair press... a nation that lost its confidence, willpower, and strength.

Delivering his inaugural address on January 20, 2017,  President Trump referred to an "American carnage (which) stops right here and stops right now.


Trump’s go-to insult for the USA is “Third World.” In the Oval Office in December, 2020, it was a “Third World Country” and in a Labor Day (9/5/22) tweet we were “rapidly becoming a Third World nation." In April of this year, hours before being arraigned in NYC, NY for the Stormy Daniels hush money case, it was an email asserting “our nation is becoming a Marxist Third World country" and at the infamous CNN town hall the following month, “in many ways, we’ve become a Third World nation.” For bonus points, he charged also “our country has gone to hell.”

Eight months ago, in the clearest indication of the “love” Cheong claims conservatives have for the USA, Trump on his social media platform wrote

The Witch Hunt continues, and after 6 years and millions of pages of documents, they’ve got nothing. If I had what Hunter and Joe had, it would be the Electric Chair. Our Country is Rigged, Crooked, and Evil — We must bring it back, and FAST. Next stop, Communism!

An "evil" country. The only thing which can beat that is if a conservative were to call explicitly for breaking up the country. Oh, wait- we have that. In her own words:

Nothing says "patriotism" like "secession."  Sarcasm aside, there is nothing like a tweeter boasting of his patriotism by substituting "fourth of July" for the name of the holiday, Independence Day.

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