Thursday, July 06, 2023

Suddenly, Cocaine

There are probably more than a dozen reasons this is a bad idea. We don't know what drugs Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Joe and Hunter Biden and staff members tested for, what the consequences should be if they turned up positive  for this drug or that, or whether the cocaine found was left by a drug user. And let's not get started on President Donald Trump and Adderall.

But that's not the problem with this very odd turn of affairs. In the video to which Representative Greene linked, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre can be seen stating 

This is something that is under the purview of the Secret Service. They're the ones who handle this investigation so it lives, uh, in their purview, in their world...
Again, when it comes to security, when it comes to anything of those types of protocols, that is something the Secret Service handles.

Those types of protocols. Former press secretary Jen Psaki would be rolling in her grave if she weren't still alive.

Nevertheless, it's the substance that matters and this is the same agency which tried to whisk Vice President Mike Pence away from the Capitol on January 6, 2021 when he

refused to get into a car waiting for him in a secure underground location as the Capitol was being attacked because he was determined to remain at the complex, his general counsel said on Thursday.

“The vice president did not want to take any chance that the world would see the vice president of the United States fleeing the United States Capitol,” his general counsel Greg Jacob testified to the House Jan. 6 committee. “He was determined that we would complete the work that we had set out to do that day, that it was his constitutional duty to see it through and that the rioters who had breached the Capitol would not have the satisfaction of disrupting the proceedings beyond the day on which they were supposed to be completed.”

The Secret Service had directed Pence and his top aides to get into the waiting cars, Jacob said. He did but then got out again when he realized the vice president had not.  The head of Pence’s security detail, Tim Giebles, told the vice president, “I assure you we are not going to drive out of the building without your permission.”

“Tim, I know you, I trust you, but you’re not the one behind the wheel," Pence replied according to Jacob.

Funny, not funny. The Vice President of the USA was concerned that the Secret Service, against his wish, would kidnap- uh, er- transport him when his duty was to remain at the Capitol to certify the electoral vote tally for the election of Joe Biden as President. Pence was "determined that we would complete the work" of confirming the defeat of Donald Trump and "the one behind the wheel" was likely not going to give him that chance.

The same agency was on duty when five weeks ago

President Biden was uninjured after falling on stage congratulating the last of the Air Force Academy graduates at a commencement ceremony Thursday.

Biden, who delivered the commencement address and stayed on stage for a couple of hours as diplomas were awarded, could be seen in a video stumbling and falling. He was helped up by Air Force officials and pointed at a sandbag that appeared to be the cause of his tumble.

“He’s fine. There was a sandbag on stage while he was shaking hands,” White House communications director Ben LaBolt tweeted.

The duty of the President's Secret Service detail is to protect the President of the United States of America from harm, and they failed. Biden later would quip "I was sandbagged." File that under "many a true word is spoken in jest."

We may never learn definitively who left the bag of cocaine in the White House. It could have been an extremely careless member of the staff, an equally careless visitor, or a Hunter Biden who for some bizarre reason wants to sandbag his father's re-election. Or as the French would put it, "Regardez le motif."


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