Saturday, December 12, 2020

Docile In Defeat

Although I have always figured Doug Jones would be tapped by Joe Biden to be the next Attorney General, I have wanted it to be Adam Schiff. As the individual who (by far) most eloquently prosecuted in the House Judiciary Committee the case against President Trump, I believed that he would not shrink from the necessity of investigating the crimes Trump committed against the American people.

That no longer seems to be the case.  From Friday evening's All In with Chris Hayes:

Hayes: You know I think one of the deepest debates, institutional Democratic debates that will happen and unfold over the next few months is a question about how to save and expand and preserve American democracy whether that means fighting fire with fire, meeting procedural maximalism with procedural maximalism or fighting fire with water, meeting procedural maximalism with restraint, with stewardship, with not pursuing that avenue. And on that question Bill Pascrell, today, your colleague, says "Look, the House controls its own membership. Nancy Pelosi should not seat these people that signed on to this if they are calling their own election into question. That's particularly true of the twelve members of the Republican caucus who are in the states that have signed on to this amicus brief to invalidate the votes of. And I want to know what you think of that.

Schiff: Well, to use your metaphor, I don't think when the President of the United States and some of my colleagues are trying to burn the house down around us- when the President is trying to burn the house down on his way out the door that we want to set a new fire. So I don't think that's the answer. You know we had to deal with these kinds of tactics during the campaign and we fought back but we didn't sink to their level.  We fought back and we won and now that victory has been upheld in the Court and Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States. So, you know, I think our strategy worked. We don't want to become them.

No chance of that happening. The GOP seeks power and uses it. They're out to win elections at the national, state, and local levels, and then remake the federal judiciary in their own image. And when they lose, they don't pretend they've won.

Here is the victory which Adam Schiff believes Democrats have won: 1) the presidency; 2)      . In all likelihood, they will be in the minority when the Senate reconvenes, following a campaign in which the GOP was expected to lose its majority. In the House, in which Democrats were expected to gain members, they suffered a net loss of five Representatives. Further down the ballot, there were 86 state legislative chambers (of 99 nationwide) which held elections in 2020 and

Republicans won new majorities in at least two chambers: the New Hampshire State Senate and New Hampshire House of Representatives. There were no chambers where Democrats won new majorities in 2020. In one other chamber, the Alaska House of Representatives, not enough elections were called to determine majority control.

Heading into the 2020 elections, Republicans held a majority in more chambers than Democrats. There was a Republican majority in 59 chambers and a Democratic majority in 39 chambers. In the Alaska House, there was a power-sharing agreement between the parties as part of a coalition.

A state government trifecta is a term to describe single-party government when one political party holds three positions in a state's government. Heading into the 2020 elections, there were 36 trifectas: 15 Democratic and 21 Republican. The other 14 states were under divided government, meaning they had neither a Democratic nor a Republican trifecta. As a result of the elections, Republicans gained trifectas in Montana and New Hampshire, which both entered the election under divided government.

Representative Schiff is merely representing the perspective on political power. of national Democrats. Focus attention on the presidency, de-emphasize Congress, disregard state politics, and assume that justice in courts is blind to partisanship.  That's how Democratic losses mount up during the Obama presidency and, while there is a public health crisis of enormous proportions dramatically mismanaged by the GOP, the Democratic Party is routed at the polls.

GOP members of the House brag that their own elections were illegitimate. Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democrats will complain about Donald Trump, congratulating themselves for ridding the country of the threat he posed to democracy. Then they will welcome their Republican colleagues who aided and abetted everything PresidentTrump has done, including disenfranchising Democratic and other voters in four states, because that is the Democratic Party.


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