Wednesday, August 04, 2021

King James

"Hillary Clinton" trended on Twitter Wednesday morning in the wake of the victory of Cuyahoga County Commissioner and county Democratic party chief Shantel Brown over Nina Turner in the special election primary to represent the people of Ohio's 10th Congressional District. Tweets included

One of the things the left needs to learn is that Democrats. We don't hate Joe Biden. We don't hate Hillary Clinton. You will never get to a majority of your party by attacking your allies. And if you want to form a new third party, I mean, good luck.

f you let Nina’s loss make you abandon trying to get progressives elected, you’re doing exactly what Hillary Clinton would want. Just remember that

a lot of people are gonna treat the election in #oh11 as a referendum on Bernie and socialism or whatever, but thats wrong. the election is about whether or not hillary clinton has enough sway to determine a primary anymore

Hillary Clinton supported Shontel Brown Bernie Sanders supported Nina Turner.

Revenge is a dish best served by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton endorsed Shontel EARLY AF. Before MANY others. This is her proxy win.

Hillary Clinton no doubt harbored a sense of satisfaction Wednesday after the candidate she endorsed defeated the candidate who initially endorsed Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, switched to Sanders, then refused to endorse the Democratic nominee against Donald Trump in the general election. She has a right to this emotion, especially because, if Shontel Brown had lost, Clinton haters, left and right, would have crowed.

But make no mistake about it. This election wasn't about Clinton, or Clinton v. Sanders, or even Joe Biden, whom Brown declared her fealty toward while she campaigned.

Megastar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and two-time presidential candidate and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, enthusiastic supporters of Turner, were heavily invested in the race. However, on July 26 we learned

So, too, is Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), the powerful House majority whip who will be campaigning for Shontel Brown, a Democratic Party establishment favorite and a Cuyahoga County party chair, before voters head to the polls on August 3. The South Carolina congressman, 81, endorsed Brown in late June, upping the ante of an election that is largely split along generational as well as ideological lines.

Brown had been trailing Turner before Clyburn backed her. “When I first got the frantic call, they told me she was polling at about 15, 20%,” the South Carolina congressman said in an interview with Jewish Insider on Friday. “If it means anything,” he recalled concluding, “it means I need to up my involvement, and so I think that’s why I did.”

Since then, Brown has been gaining momentum, with additional support from outside independent expenditures as well new endorsements from pro-Israel Democrats in Congress. Earlier this month, the influential political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus threw its support behind Brown, who, like Turner, is Black.

“I was pleased that they did,” Clyburn, who is a member of the CBC, remarked, while adding that he had no involvement in the endorsement process because he does not sit on the PAC’s board. “I didn’t play a role in it.”

The Congressional Black Caucus as an organization played a crucial role, whether or not Clyburn had a hand in its endorsement of Brown. But

Either way, Clyburn’s high-profile endorsement seems to have opened up a plausible path to victory for his preferred candidate in the final weeks of the race. A mid-July survey commissioned by Democratic Majority for Israel, which is backing Brown, put the Democratic congressional hopeful at 36% among likely voters, just five points behind Turner. An independent poll from early July, conducted by TargetPoint Consulting, had both candidates tied at 33%.

Clyburn, who is credited with clinching the nomination for President Joe Biden in last year’s presidential primaries, expressed optimism that his endorsement of Brown would have a similar impact. “I hope so,” he told JI. “I also hope that people know that she is a good person who would make a great congressperson.”

Casual fans know LeBron James, among the half dozen greatest non-centers to have played in the National Basketball Association, as "King James." For better or worse: move over, LeBron. There is a new King James in town, this one hailing from South Carolina.


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