Thursday, August 05, 2021

Tweet Of The Day: Childlessness

J.D. Vance is a fake, a phony, and fraud (hat tip to the late Bob Grant) and more than anything, a poseur. However, he's a poseur who may become the next US Senator from, as Rachel Maddow would patronizingly put it, "the great state of Ohio."  Credit for this catch goes to a Washington Post reporter.

Responding to Scott, one tweeter noted "And to think, he is bought and paid for and brought to you by a gay, childless Silicon Valley billionaire. Wonder if he got prior approval from his owner before sending this out."

Vance probably could get approval from ruthless libertarian right-wing multi-billionaire Peter Thiel for anything that would help the Yale law school graduate and self-styled populist get to the Senate.  Thiel once boasted at a GOP convention "I am proud to be a Republican," as if identifying with the Party of Trump was a badge of honor. That was immediately after boasting "I am proud to be gay," as if it were a choice.

Because that's how it is for a large chunk of Republicans- gay or straight is a choice while to have a child should not be optional. J.D. Vance is alright with childless parents, unless they want to have a say in their country's future. It's not only race now, but also family status determining whether the individual is a first-class or second-class citizen.

This rhetoric is so hurtful to so many people, including my friend who just had her 3rd miscarriage in a year. Whether you're childless by choice or by chance your life still matters, no matter what J.D. Vance says.

Periodically, Vance's ideological brothers and sisters, who won't admit global warming is real because they are "not scientists," will confidently declare that life begins at conception. However, when a serious conservative with a legitimate chance at becoming a United States senator suggests that childless couples don't deserve the right to vote, it becomes clearer that it's not about abortion. It's about forced-birth: bear a child or bear the consequences.


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