Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Money Talks. Teachers Can Take A Hike.

 Mr. Kohary was tweeting of this:


Never said anything about it before is significant additionally because we also have this:



And this: 


In contrast to the obnoxious and offensive act of one individual in Riverside, California, the three war chants- the first two from 2021, the last from 2020- the teams (professional) and programs (college) condone, encourage, and participate in these reprehensible traditions. They persist, and with only minimal protest, not even 1% as great as we were regaled with last summer in the Black Lives Matter movement.  Professional sports teams and Division 1-A football programs make gobs of money; teachers, not quite as much.

The Riverside, California teacher, unnamed as of this moment, has been placed on leave pending investigation. Unless the penalty imposed by the state-employer upon her is extremely minor, her union should fight her punishment. It may be a violation of the collective bargaining agreement, a sad example of cancel culture, or a violation of the First Amendment's guarantee that government will not restrict speech. But whatever it is, celebrating practice of stereotyping tribes indigenous to this continent, practiced by the Atlanta Braves, Florida State Seminoles, and Kansas City Chiefs is hypocrisy of the highest order. 


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