Monday, October 25, 2021

Spreading Coronavirus, Indiscriminately

If you paid attention to mainstream media, progressives, cable news of the left, right, or center, or to practically an opinion maker, you would have concluded that police nationwide do a great job other than their forays into racism, marked by gross mistreatment of blacks.

However, if you've been reading this blog since, oh, roughly May 25, 2020, you would have observed that I never have been on the "Black Lives Matter" nor the "Blue Lives Matter" bandwagon. Most police officers serve honorably and well while many do not. A majority of those are motivated by factors other than. And so in early September, KTLA in Los Angeles would report that 132 members of law enforcement agencies

are known to have died of COVID-19 in 2021, as of Monday, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page. In Florida alone last month, six people affiliated with law enforcement died over a 10-day period.

In the first half of 2021, 71 law enforcement officials in the U.S. died from the virus — a small decrease compared to the 76 who died in the same time period in 2020, per data compiled by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Last year, the total figure was 241 — making the virus the the leading cause of law enforcement line-of-duty deaths.

Despite the deaths, police officers and other first responders are among those most hesitant to get the vaccine and their cases continue to grow. No national statistics show the vaccination rate for America’s entire population of first responders but individual police and fire departments across the country report figures far below the national rate of 74% of adults who have had at least one dose.

Police officers and first responders are among those most hesitant to get the vaccine. Police especially are in frequent contact with the public and those who refuse to be vaccinated pose a particular threat to the people they are hired to protect and serve. They may claim to love "USA" but they care little for the people who live here.

By now, there are more police officers vaccinated than those who are not. Congratulations to a profession in which a narrow majority wants to live and not endanger the lives of other Americans ,ones who claim European, Latin American, African, Asian, or tribal heritage.  That should be a reminder that: 1) black lives matter; 2) blue lives matter; 3) human lives matter. If "we're all in this together," all of us can be imperiled by a a degenerate number of men and women in blue.


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