Monday, January 03, 2022

Tweet Of The Day- An Act We've Seen Before

Foolish being "lacking good sense or judgement," it is foolish. It would be wise, though a little loathsome, were Eric Adams to have an election in the near future rather than one in the recent past. People love the macho persona, whether genuine or as in the case of Donald Trump, completely manufactured.

It seems that New York City's new mayor has more in common with the 45th President of the USA than imprudent recklessness.  "I am keeping my schools open," vows the egotistic mayor who confuses "my" with "our" and believes he reigns supreme over the vagaries of an epidemic. And whether talking about swagger or city government, Adams inspires a blind fealty and fanatic devotion:

But just as important politically, Mr. Adams and his allies have adopted the language of destiny to explain his health reversal and subsequent successes, suggesting that higher forces were steering his story.

“The hand of God,” Laurie Cumbo, a Brooklyn councilwoman, said of his primary victory.

“That’s a new lease on life,” Mr. Adams said of his recovery. “Everything becomes possible.”

Financial improprieties are also a common thread insofar as

For years, he did not register his rental property in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, with the city, as required. He also failed to report rental income to the federal government and blamed his accountant, whom Mr. Adams said last year he had had difficulty finding because the man was living in a homeless shelter.

Not everyone can pick out an accountant who ends up homeless. It takes a special kind of guy, what someone would call a foolish man.


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