Monday, May 02, 2022

Not A Gaffe

"Let's not forget about Mitt Rhymney."
"Person. Man. Woman. JD. Mandel."
"Can’t wait until he starts referring to him as the Wizard of Oz."
"It's very sad. He needs the proper treatment. Doesn't sound like he's getting that."

As with the last tweeter, Democratic US Representative Eric Swallwell checks in- and probably has it wrong:


Former President Trump has endorsed JD Vance over Josh (at birth, Joshua Aaron) Mandel and others to be the Republican nominee for US Senator from Ohio (or as the patronizing Rachel Maddow would put it, "the great state of Ohio"). Mandel was the GOP nominee when Sherrod Brown was re-elected to the Senate in 2018.

Maybe Donald Trump is suffering from dementia. Maybe. There are many symptoms of dementia, not all of them present in most individuals suffering from the disease. Perhaps Trump is suffering from the disease but not sufficiently confused as to make this apparent mistake. Moreover, dementia includes symptoms exhibited by much younger individuals clearly not afflicted with it.

Although valuable, Trump's endorsement has not proven to assure victory for his candidate. In Georgia, Sonny "Chicken" Perdue (unrelated; blogger's license), endorsed by Trump, badly trails incumbent Brian Kemp in the primary race for governor.

JD Vance leads in the latest poll from Ohio with many voters still undecided. If he is victorious, Trump will credit himself. If Mandel comes from behind to win, the ex-President will note that he had praised Mandel or even claim he had endorsed him.

It's a classic win-win. There are individuals who, with limited evidence, have over the past six years maintained that Donald J. Trump is "crazy." With a little more evidence, but also with no medical examination, some have said that he suffers from dementia. If the latter, his lapse is likely to come in handy. If the former, he is crazy like a fox.  Donald Trump is being under-estimated, as he often is.


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