Saturday, August 13, 2022

Getting Out Over Their Skis

In July 9, when Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida was recognized as a more-than-viable alternative to Donald Trump in a presidential nomination contest, The New York Times reported

“I never thought I would say this, but it if was Biden and Trump I don’t think I would vote,” said Gretchen Aultman, a 74-year-old retired lawyer in Colorado who voted for Mr. Trump in 2016. “I liked Trump’s policies, but he was so abrasive and unpolished, and having him as president was just tearing the country apart.”

There are many Gretchen Aultman(s) in the Republican Party (actually, only one other Gretchen Aultman in the USA, it would seem, but you get my point). . They agree with Trump's views and values, probably would even vote for him in a general election, but do not long for another four years+ of turbulence. and tumult and a likelihood of domestic violence. If given a Trump-like alternative (such as the far-right and seemingly mean and vindictive DeSantis), would opt for the alternative in a primary, possibly denying Trump the nomination.

Nonetheless, a mere five weeks after Ron DeSantis as future GOP standard-bearer became all the rage, many individuals (including thoughtful media figures) have lost  perspective:


In five weeks, conventional wisdom has pivoted from "DeSantis and Trump might have quite a battle against each other" to "if this raid is a flop, it's Trump, for sure."

It will not be a flop and will go beyond archiving infractions. However, even if it doesn't, it is 23-25 months or approximately 104 weeks until the 2025 Republican convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A lot can happen in that time. Only seven weeks ago, the US Supreme Court had not overturned Roe v. Wade and set GOP governors and legislatures free to enter women's uteruses.  One of the two plotters of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks and current head of Al Qaeda was still alive. And there had never been a raid on the home or resort facility of a current or former USA President.

So, America, let's cool our jets.... at least until the mid-term elections are over.


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