Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Tweet(s) of the Day- The Trip

Nancy Pelosi has arrived in Taiwan. Anti-monopolist, anti-Beijing Matt Stoller notes "Pelosi should not have gone, but let's be completely clear that China is the aggressor here." Earlier:


Once Pelosi announced an intention to visit Taiwan, the die was cast. She had to go, as Stoller appears to recognize.

And there is not a prohibitive downside to Pelosi's escapade.  Retaliation from Beijing, which may be immediately evident or not, will be tolerable.  But let's be completely clear of two things- Mainland China is the aggressor, and there has been no concrete, definitive reason given for Pelosi's trip.

There are ways, such as increasing shipments of military hardware or strengthening tariffs on the mainland to bolster the regime in Taipei and/or to discourage China from invading Taiwan. Instead, Nancy Pelosi embarked on a vanity visit which will be of no material benefit to our ally. She did so despite the obvious displeasure of the the USA military, our State Department, or President Biden.

Once the Speaker of the House included Taiwan on her possible itinerary, Joe Biden suffered a political loss, whether Pelosi followed through (as she has) or decided not to go. Either way, the President, the leader of her party and engineer of the nation's foreign policy, would lose politically.  He has been undermined and no one has explained how that aids the Democratic Party or our standing in the world.



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