Thursday, December 22, 2022

Snowflakes, Save Your Disgust

In times gone by- before selfies, disseminating photos of a fine-looking lunch, or standing throughout a concert or athletic event, it was called "sitting." Sometimes it was called "respectfully listening."  And it was recognized as self-effacing. Instead, some people I respect, one of them a member of Congress, the other two individuals I almost always agree with, have the following entirely wrong:


We could, I suppose get their names, put them on an "enemies list," and thank the late Richard Nixon for the idea.  We could be offended because in an audience of over 300 members of Congress, seven (7) individuals chose not to stand and applaud- though "during the last portions of Zelensky's speech," they did so. Or we could get their names, put them on an "enemies list," and thank the late Richard Nixon for the idea.  

The first would be foolish, the latter dangerous. The ironic thing is that anyone who is honest would admit that hundreds of Congressmen did not repeatedly, spontaneously rise as one from their seats to applaud the President of Ukraine. Some were genuinely moved, stood up and applauded, and the others realized that if they did not do so themselves, they'd be conspicuous and subject themselves to extensive criticism on social media and elsewhere.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy has suffered through far worse than having a few people not fawn over him. Policy, including congressional appropriation for Ukraine's defense, is infinitely more important. It's time we grow up, disregard affronts to our sensibilities, and reserve our outrage for significant speech and behavior.

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