Sunday, March 05, 2023

Money for Sex

Well, sure, it's creepy and weird, but it has long been obvious that something is wrong with Donald Trump, though probably only a urine test could confirm it.


David Frum, channeling his unfortunate GOP roots:

There is another major problem, spoken of in locker rooms, bars, by the office cooler (if any remain in time of coronavirus), and anywhere men or women congregate, though not by public officials or the elite.

If a bonus were offered, it very probably would be the same per baby across the board.  The wealthy and the upper middle class would be unmoved. While paid paternal leave, subsidized day care, or free health care would be critical for needy couples, bribing poor people to have children is a terrible idea because it would add to the need for paid paternal leave, subsidized day care, or free health care. They'll take it, and it won't work out for them or for the general public.

The handout would be most effective with women who could least afford to raise children. Revenues for enhancing the social safety net would not be forthcoming, especially with the gargantuan level of funding which would be necessary to pay off the parents/woman for having children.

While sex is necessary for procreation, a woman does not typically need to be paid for it which, with his experience, Donald Trump may not understand.


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