Saturday, April 01, 2023

Want, Not Need

I think we know. Check the closet.

Of course, if that were the only reason, Senator Cory Booker would over his political career have said a few vile and profane things. It's not a good enough reason, and that's in part why I disagree with Joe Walsh.


Even if Walsh had not left the GOP- and credit to him for doing so- he would not have needed to be out there arguing that the dear leader is above the law.

Many Republicans have wisely kept silent about the indictment of the ex-President announced Wednesday. They have had a variety of reasons for doing so, though if one were to watch center-left cable news (and especially Democratic politicians) one would think that intimidation were the sole factor.

In November, 2022 election deniers were routed by Democrats while the GOP otherwise actually fared fairly well. The vociferous, reality-denying Trumpists were rejected by voters but only while pushing the Overton Window in their direction- and in the direction of their party.

If the GOP were a patriotic, constructive party, its officials and candidates would make a similar statement as that of Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska, who commented “I trust the system. We have a judge. We have jurors. There (are) appeals. So I think in the end, justice will be done. If he’s guilty it will show up. But if not, I think that will be shown, too.”  Unlike innocence, guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and this defendant could be found not guilty even if he has committed the crime. Still, Bacon’s remark reveals that a Republican does not have to argue that the dear leader is above the law.

They do it because they want to. Alternatively, they would avoid alienating their moderately conservative, reality-based followers by issuing a statement of mild support. They would benefit from Trump's radically disruptive rhetoric and actions by appearing "moderate" by comparison to the flame-throwers. When pressed for reaction, they would be threading the needle by being supportive of Trump while not being rash. The mainstream media would swoon.

But most agree with Trump or at least like what he is doing.  It's good for them and their party and with only collateral damage to the country, it's one deal with the devil worth making.

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