Monday, December 04, 2023

Surprised, Not Surprised

CBS News- Philadelphia has reported

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protestors made their way through the streets of Philadelphia Sunday night as they demanded a permanent cease-fire in Gaza. What they did outside of a Jewish restaurant drew harsh criticism from local and federal leaders....

The pro-Palestinian protestors gathered in Rittenhouse Square and marched through the area and University City, including the University of Pennsylvania campus.

In a Facebook post, the Philadelphia Free Palestine Coalition had urged supporters to "flood the streets" Sunday night.

Video posted on social media showed demonstrators also made their way to Samson Street, where they gathered outside the Jewish restaurant Goldie, one of several restaurants in the city owned by Philadelphia-based Israeli chef Michael Solomonov.

The group of protestors is accused of shouting antisemitic remarks, and stickers with pro-Palestinian slogans were reportedly left on the doors, though when CBS Philadelphia checked back early Monday morning they had been removed.


It figures that some people actually would defend this. Get a load of one such individual, who allegedly has over 45,000 followers:

Protest leaders had learned on October 12 that

Philadelphia-based Israeli Chef Michael Solomonov is helping to raise money for those injured in the war in Israel. Solomnov owns four restaurants in Philadelphia under the banner CookNSolo, including Zahav, Goldie, Laser Wolf and K'Far Cafe. Zahav was awarded the James Beard Foundation "Outstanding Restaurant" in 2019.

Solomonov said he would be donating 100% of all sales Thursday to Friends of United Hatzalah. The nonprofit emergency medical service responds to emergencies across Israel free of charge.

This seems to be confirmed by Wikipedia, which indicates that United Hatzalah's "mission is to provide immediate medical intervention during the critical window between the onset of an emergency and the arrival of traditional assistance."

This is what this character Harris darkly suggested is activity to fundraise for Israel, it's about Israel." It's not about "genocide," that which is not being committed by Israel. It's about providing medical service. 

Those of us old enough remember a time when the left supported health care. There is little attention paid to that now. And when it is Israelis whom a wealthy restaurateur wants to provide emergency medical care to, it is "genocide."

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